Purchasing Valente's Fine Art

You may purchase these original works of art and Giclee's directly from Rosemary Valente by these means:


Outright Purchase

All available artwork may be purchased via PayPal, cash, cashier's check or a personal check made payable to Valente Studios.

Please understand: When using a personal check artwork will not ship until the bank deposit clears.


Installment Purchase Plan

Artwork may be purchased via a payment plan over an agreed time. The subject artwork will be held by the artist and considered sold and unavailable for sale. Once payment in full is received the artwork will be delivered to you.

Note: Other conditions and restrictions may apply.



For prices and availability of fine art seen on this site, shows, or other places, please contact me by email. Please include each piece's title and, if possible, a copy of the thumbnail used on this site. Also, let me know if you are ONLY interested in originals or if you might be interested in prints.



TIP: For easier preparation of the email, click QUOTE on the ART page.



When you purchase 3 or more pieces of art at one time, I may be able to offer a discount. It depends on the pieces selected and is determined on a case-by-case basis.



Free delivery is provided within San Diego County, California.

National and international delivery is provided by professional carriers, i.e., Fed Ex, UPS, U.S. Postal and others. Shipping is FOB and must be paid prior to shipment.

Insurance, if requested - recommended, is paid by the buyer prior to shipping.


Color Disclaimer

We have put considerable effort into the images on this site to assure a good representation of the original art work's color, contrast and brightness. Unfortunately there is no inexpensive or simple way to assure that your computer's video card and screen will render the images as we intend. Only you can assure the calibration of your system.

We suggest you at least adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast, if you want the best representation of the art's real color. Click the button for a test pattern. It will open a test pattern in a popup window. Adjust your monitor to 100% brightness. Then adjust the contrast until you can just barely see the 1% area. It is OK if you make it disappear and can just see the 2% area.



Make these change at your risk. The changes may adversely affect the appearance of other material on your computer. We doubt it could be a problem, but...

Adjusting the color calibration of your monitor is very important. That adjustment is beyond the scope of what we can do here. Google on Computer Color Calibration to learn how to adjust your monitor.






something Fine Art: Italian Countryside

Winter Sky I